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Indoor playground equipment for toddlers

Jungle theme indoor playground project in Dharan How to start indoor playground equipment for toddlers What we can do for you: We mean that, how to start indoor playground equipment for toddlers? 1. Free site audits for customers and free design renderings; 2. Provide customers with special customized services; 3. Professional installation...
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Indoor playground equipment for toddlers

What we can do for you: We mean that, how to start Indoor playground equipment for toddlers?


1. Free site audits for customers and free design renderings;

2. Provide customers with special customized services;

3. Professional installation technicians provide installation.

Each price offer depends on different cases, here are our idea price just for your reference:

General grade charges around70~90USD

Middle grade charges around100~120USD

High grade charges 130USD above

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Here is a sample that we make for Nepal Playground. It’s a 300 square meters play area for kids to have fun and enjoy their childhood.

Jungle theme indoor playground in Dharan,Nepal,customer very like this project and give high praise to our products and installation via telephone.

Beside, they also invited a lot of models to promote on the opening day.Welcome everyone come to visit and play in SalesBerry Dharan's JUNGLE FUN Kids Indoor Playground. 


If you want to know how to start your indoor playground project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to buy playground equipment and need a good offer.

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A generation of Indoor playground equipment for toddlers, which contain a variety of games from previous generations of naughty castles (trampolines, marine ball pools, aerial blocks, single-wood bridges, cable bridges, cockpits, spiral slides, slides, rainbow ladders, rock climbing, Sky flying saucers, cartoon stalls, etc., added air cars, volcanic eruptions, animal spray balls, and some electric toys (such as: electric coconut trees, carousels, electric octopus, curved trees, etc.) and other projects. 

Children can use the fortress's dynamic soft sponge ball to bomb with the "cannon", the "rubber bow" to surrender, or throw it with bare hands. Under the UFO, accept a bubble bath from the sky, very happy. All activities are shocking and safe, full of excitement and challenges.

Most of the materials for playground are engineering plastics, PVC plastics, steel frames, galvanized pipes, etc. It depends on the material properties.

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Material Description

1. Plastic pipes and slides: It adopts imported SK company LLDPE special materials to be formed by rotational molding, which meets the requirements of GB/T 4454-1996. The plastic wall thickness is more than 6mm, the color is bright, and the anti-ultraviolet (UV) ability reaches 9 grades. National food grade standard, strong antistatic ability, safe and environmentally friendly, good weather resistance and high strength.

2. Platform: The interior is multi-layer board, the middle part is heavy foam sponge (according to GB 6675-2003 standard), and the outermost layer is covered with one layer of imported super strong PVC horizontal warp and weft knitted leather, with high strength and excellent safety performance;

3. Rainbow ladder: the interior is wooden, the middle pack is heavy foam sponge (according to GB6675-2003 standard), and the outermost layer is covered with a layer of imported super strong PVC warp and weft knitted leather. It has high strength and excellent safety performance. The installation angle is less than 30 degrees. In line with national standards;

4. PVC pipe: high-density foamed EVA sponge, thickness ≥6mm, covered with flash leather, easy to scrub, bright colors, not easy to break, good flame retardant.

5. Steel pipe: 48mm galvanized steel pipe, in line with international GB/T244-97 standard;

6. Protection net: high-strength nylon rope machine weaving, high strength, good safety performance in line with GB/T3091-2001 standard;

7. Couplings: Both are ductile iron die-casting, with special high-strength anti-loosening screws. Meet the GB/T3091-2001 standard;

8. Single-wood bridge: the interior is multi-layer board, the middle part is heavy foam sponge (according to GB 6675-2003 standard), the outermost layer is imported super strong PVC horizontal warp and weft knitted flash leather, high strength and excellent safety performance;

9. Screws: all galvanized high-strength screws with protective green plastic cover;

10. Floor mat: High-density EVA foam sponge with a specification of 100×100×2.0cm, safe and environmentally friendly.

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The product is suitable for indoor venues such as playgrounds, squares, parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, and communities.

1. At the beginning of the store opening, customers can enter the store for free and present a small gift with the logo of the park. Increase the publicity of the store in the area.

2. Increase efforts to promote membership cards and increase membership preferences. This will foster customers’ loyalty.

3. According to our experience, the modern family in Urban District are usually double-employed. The children aged 0-7 are basically enrolled, and younger children is that their grandparents would come to help. The close time of Kindergarten school is generally early, around 4:30 ~ 5:00, we can consider the kindergartens or parents propaganda, wisely advising put their children into our indoor playground, Wait for the parents to pick them up after work. This one can be used as one of the POP content. It has two advantages: the first one is to increase the popularity of indoor playground, and the second one is to bring stable income to the early stage of the indoor playground.

4. Enhance the internal management of the park, such as the waiter etiquette, wearing the disposable socks when the parents accompany children into indoor playground, and keeping the store cleanliness. These efforts to enhance the quality of our services.

5. Recruit suitable indoor playground staff and train them, strengthen their awareness of responsibility, employ teachers who have experience in preschool education, so that they can guide the children to play correctly and can engage in activities in the indoor playground. Increase the playability of the indoor playground.

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After selecting store place and indoor children's playground equipment, I can give you some services that others may not have, so that you can make the children's indoor playground project more competitive, parents are more willing to let the children play in your indoor playground.


1. Whether it's a faked one, or a real one, you should do a good job in the health check before the children enter the playground. The main test is to measure the body temperature. This way will make the parents who bring the children to your playground feel safe, and make them know the health and environment conditions of your indoor playground are pretty good.

2. There must be obvious slogan in the field "Please parents to take care of their children, pay attention to the safety of amusement". Once an accident happened, the parents should burden all the responsibility.

3. Give parents enough room to rest, install several computer desks and provide free internet service, so parents who accompany their children don't have to stay on the court, and that will your service is more humanity.

4. Provide rechargeable care services, equip with 1-2 kindergarten teachers, in case parents need to do something and go out, they can rest assured to, the cost can be calculated on an hourly basis. Usually these kindergarten teachers can also provide free service for children and parents on the court. Parent-child guidance.

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Previous marketing method

Hire 10 billing personnel, and distribute a single advertisement page around a group of shopping malls; another group of incoming cells is delivered to the household.

Kindergarten children and elementary school students are invited to come to the park to play and experience

Cooperate with supermarkets or merchants in the same building. If you have enough shopping, you will get 5USD for children's playground, 10USD for vouchers, and membership card number card.

Come and send the event and prepare several small toys for children.

Organize small events in the park, reward the top three; build good relationships with children and parents.

Open promotion

Buy one ticket at the original price, cover a seal (children's park logo) and collect 5 seals for 1 invitation card for friends and relatives, 10 for 1 eco bag, and 15 for Winnie the Pooh doll. (Active product merchants choose their own business)

Cowboy is a company which could help you to know about indoor playground, to make indoor playground, to open indoor playground and to maintain your indoor playground!

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