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Ocean theme toddler Indoor playground equipment Nice to have you visited our website for the Toddler Indoor playground equipment design! Cowboy indoor playground is founded in 2003 and right now already have a 15 years development! Good to know that you are looking for indoor playground factory...
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Ocean theme toddler Indoor playground equipment

Nice to have you visited our website for the Toddler Indoor playground equipment design! Cowboy indoor playground is founded in 2003 and right now already have a 15 years development! Good to know that you are looking for indoor playground factory for your brand new project! Hope that you could get what you want from our soft playground design.

Please check this new ocean pirate boat theme for the Taiwan project. This one is the hugest indoor playground in Taiwan province, China. 

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Item Name: Commercial Pirate ship Ocean theme children indoor playground equipment 

Item: MT-001

Size: 2600 square meter

Features: Pirate ship, crazy monster slide, Spiral slide, trampoline park, fiberglass S slide, ball pool, various small toys, Triple-lane Slide etc.

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Description for Indoor Playground:

This indoor playground is built on the Taiwan, China in 2018. Customer likes our ocean pirate ship theme very much. The total size of playground is 2600 square, it divided into several different areas. Included many toys inside ,like pirate ship, PVC crazy slide ,fiberglass monster slide, plastic slide, tunnel slide ,ball pool , trampoline park, Ninjia course, rope course ,decoration ,block ,sand pool ,rocking climb ,fiberglass wave slide etc.

pirate theme playground equipment.jpg

Indoor playground is customized to children age group from 1-13 years old .The bright color and fantastic appearance is attractive to children's eyes, meanwhile, boosting their imagination and passion to have fun with their friends. And indoor playground is a best place for children to making new friends, they can playing together, help each other. Through the game of Spiral tube slide, children can not only have a physical exercise, but also increase a sense of balance and harmony. In the part of Single Log Bridge, children need get through the narrow channel, greatly enhanced children's courage and the sense of coordination.

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Cowboy toy is top three professional manufacturer of children indoor playground equipment over 14 years in China. Cowboy toy only uses the best materials and advanced technology for production to ensure the high quality of our products. Safety is our first priority. Our safety standard include CE, TUV, EN1176, GS, CCC.

Cowboy cases on show:

kids play centre.jpg

And why you want to choose indoor playground project? There are a lot of different kinds business in the market. But I believe the kids playground business is a very competitive case. Why? I could tell you something.

Kids are becoming more and more important, as the development of society, people are not just thinking about food and clothing. It’s the time for enjoy their lives on earth, the hardest work and which they face before, right now they want to get rid of the terrible working, they want to enjoy their lives. They are now paying more attention in play and new education. And right now, the amusement and entertainment area is growing so fast. All families would love to spend their times in a park, for picnic, for walk, to share their love and peace to each other. And now, nature park is not enough for kids to play. They want a place which will have a lot of different activities, functions, and something could let them learn more knowledge when they play.

That’s why indoor playground start. Cowboy playground is always willing to plan a project is for kids to play and have fun with families and friends. And also we want that kids could also learn a lot skills when they are having fun in the play center.

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Why you will choose Cowboy for your indoor playground center?

1.Cowboy is founded in 2003, and we have a lot of cases all over the world, our products travel around the world for over a decade.

2.Cowboy is a company which always based on the high quality materials, delicate manual work, all products are in the top environmental protection standard.

3.Cowboy playground is always fire-proof, water-proof and even baby proof.

4.Cowboy have our own team for your project. From the start of you case. We have our sales team to help you know how to make indoor playground, and the second time we will have our own design team to help you to make your brand new drawing. Confirm the order then we will have the production line to finish your goods. And the importance thing is we also have our engineer team which could travel all over the world to help your installation!

5.Please no worry about the after-sale service. Our team will always here to support you, if you have any questions, the whole team will feel pleasure to help you.

6.Choose Cowboy is the good way to keep your safety. Cowboy is one of the biggest indoor playground factory in China. We have all the certificate to help you do the customs clearance. And for our side. For your payment problem is always easy to settle. You could closed the business with us by T/T, L/C, western union and other normal payment method if you want.

So, if you want to open a new indoor playground, please do not hesitate to contact us. Free design and best price could be offered to you.

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