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As one of the biggest indoor playground equipment manufacturer & supplier from china. Cowboy has more than 15 years experience. Our company is located in the bustling first-tier city of China - Guangzhou. Our factory covers an area of 121,120 square meters. 3 factories in different urban of...
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This kids indoor play equipment is Customized by customers ,from the effect picture,we can see it is simple but having a lot of functional areas, making children get plentiful sensory experience inside.

Indoor playground design

ThemeIP customization
Size280 square meter ; Height:4.2 meter
Price100-150 USD/sqm, according to you requirement
Warrantythree years warranty on the Equipment iron pipe,one year on the soft play products

From the view of Indoor playground design, you can see the regional distribution, including the ball pool area, the gun area, the slide area, the sand pool area, the block area ,frame area and so on. What we design is according to activities in different areas are suitable for children of different ages. Meanwhile, different activity areas bring different feelings and experiences to children.

ball pool

The ball pool area 

Almost all the indoor playground equipment will design a ball pool area, children can rushed into ball pool from the slide, and climb from the other side. Under the protection of the ball pool, children can constantly interact with each other and play with each other to release their nature. We also can put some other small products in the ball pool, such as the big dragon ball in the picture , to increase their are interestingness.

indoor playground equipment

On the Gun zone,  children can interacts or cooperates with each other.

kids indoor play equipment

The slide area

Slides are very important in the indoor playground design. Cause all the kids are very like slide. From the picture, you can see the slide is made by fiberglass.Children can climb up to the left side or nearby staircase ,and then slide down.In the process of climbing and sliding , there are baffles and platforms to protection their safety , so that children can experience safe, pleasure and stimulation. At the same time, the slide can be made of engineering plastics, such as the slide on the right. Different materials have different experiences.

children indoor playground

Many products will be show you if you send us inquiry. As long as you have an idea to open a children indoor soft playground or have a venue, pls do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide planning,design,marketing and installation for you. We look forward to your consultation and cooperation opportunities.

cowboy playground

Cowboy group is specializing in children's playground equipment. We have four production lines in Guangzhou. Headquarters is the production of outdoor playground equipment and kindergarten furniture in Qingyuan. Cowboy Recreation Equipment is the production of Indoor playground equipment in Huangpu and Cowboy Waterpark  ; Attractions is the production of water park equipment in Conghua.

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