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一.About Cowboy 1、What we do ? We are factory also a trading company in China! Guangzhou Cowboy Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 in Guangzhou, China. As a professional manufacturer in playground industry, Cowboy has been specialized in the research and development, design,...
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一.About Cowboy

1、What we do ?

    We are factory also a trading company in China!

    Guangzhou Cowboy Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 in  Guangzhou, China. As a professional manufacturer in playground industry, Cowboy has been specialized in the research and development, design, production, sales, service and installation of indoor playground. It is a major manufacturer and supplier in China.

2、What is our company Mission?

     Insist upon the quality!  Base on the honesty! Live in the credibility!

3、What we want to do?

    There are more our cowboy indoor playground and more happiness in the kid's childhood. We are planning to build overseas subsidiaries around the world to better serve our clients.

4、What is our company purpose?

    Do our best in the products and service for each clients.

5、How about our team?

     After fast development in the past 15 years ,now we own 4 production(indoor playground,outdoor playground, kindergarten, water park) bases in Guangzhou city, Qingyuan city and several branch offices around China; There are about 700 staffs, total 121120 square meters production base, and the indoor playground is covering an area of 17800 square meters, there are office, producing department and warehouse. The elegant, rigorous and tidy office environment let our Cowboy each staff work harder and create miracles.  There are a profession design team and installation team to service the clients. Choose our cowboy, give you the best service and amazing design.

6、How about our technology?

    Advanced production technology and advanced machine according the client’s idea to design produce and install a satisfaction indoor playground.

二、 The marking and customers

1、Our target client group is trading company and terminal customer. We look forward to seeing you as one of our partners or distributors.

2、Our sales market is USA, Europe, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, as well as other countries and regions.

三、 Indoor Playground Equipment Product

Size: 450 Square meters

Location: Shopping Mall

Main theme: Fresh Theme

Main color:White

Usage age:3-12 years old

Material: PVC, PE, PP, PU, galvanized pipe, plastic, fiberglass, EVA, Nylon, wood, rope

Certificate: CE, TUV, GS, EN1176, ISO9001, ISO18001, ISO14001, ASTM

Stock: We have a large stock of conventional products.

production process:

①. Plate-making:  According the drawing to cut out each different shape of the plywood.

②. Moding:  Make a model by nailing each plywood with an air gun.

③. Choosing color:  According the drawing to choose PVC color to prepare print.

④. Spraying:  Printing the PVC by 3D printing machine.

⑤. Making up:   According the drawing to tailor each PVC.

⑥. Making foam:   According the drawing to cut the pearl wool.

⑦. Bookbinding:   Fit the same shape plywood and pearl wool with an air gun.

⑧. Fixation:    The drawing PVC encase the finished plywood and pearl wool model.

⑨. Pipe cutting:   Cut each size pipe by machine.

⑩. Testing:   Test each finished product.

⑪. Packing:  Use the bubble bag and pp woven bag to packing each product to prepare loading container

Kids Indoor Play Equipment

Indoor playground has been known by more and more people in the world. As a common form of children’s play land, Indoor playground can be upon in filling the market of children’s sports practice and leisure exploration in the life, and liberate the children from the closed, self-isolated and illusory internet world.  

Warm and elegant, fresh and fresh, exudes youth and vitality! Its elegant, natural, earthy, detached, quiet atmosphere fills the entire playground scene and becomes an unforgettable beauty memory for children.

Now let me introduce our new design of fresh theme kids soft play equipment about all the function and funny.

indoor playground

1、The huge ball pool:

     Ball pool is all the children like to play it. Why? Let me tell you that, before the children came into this world, as everyone knows they live in mother’s belly surrounded by all the amniotic fluid, they feel comfortable and safety.  

    When the child fall into the ball pool, they will feel like in mother's belly and also feel like swimming in the ocean. They enjoy time in the ball pool. Different color different felling, our Cowboy designer according the theme to choose the ball color. The spiral slide and the toys, both old and young child enjoy playing.

   The ball pool is the most important part in the indoor playground, one playground without the ball pool will lose many funny.

Indoor Playground Equipment

2、EVA Blocks

    Create talent, Understanding geometric figures, building space concepts and establishing scientific thinking is the young kid's world. EVA Blocks use the safe material for kids, there are many colors mix together can attract children's attention and interest, they use the block to build a castle or the bridge and so on.

kids soft play equipment

3、Super trampoline

    Trampoline is popular with adults and children. Enjoy the jumping higher touch our dream. Our fresh theme playground used the new design trampoline, cancel the traditional one and add the spider wall will more attract the children want to try it. Feeling exciting is indoor playground's important element.

theme playground

4、Adventure maze

    There are 2 floor with this playground, the kids climbing up and down, the maze part is made of the steel pipe to fix up. And use the foam tube encase the pipe,consolidation and beautiful make the children playing happy and safety. There are many kinds of barrier and some swing inside the maze, the kids inside can adventure and develop brain to solve all the difficulty.  

indoor playground for sale

5、Electronic toys

    When the kids feel tired, the electronic toys is their best choice. Sit quietly on the toys enjoy the parental gaze.  Finished one day playing in the indoor playground then have a good dinner with parents.

Cowboy strive to achieve our quality objective by following a Quality Control System based on international standard. With advanced management skills, technology and sophisticated manufacturing machinery, our entire range of products are manufactured under ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 standard. Furthermore, our products are also tested under various European and Chinese standards such as CE, GS, CCC, and TUV EN1176. As a member of China’s Amusement & Equipment Park Association and China’s Toy Association, Cowboy is dedicated to proving reliable products which have been tested by China National Sports Goods Quality Supervision Inspection Center and insured by People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC).

Cowboy,enlighten kid future.

Cowboy is a company which could help you to know about indoor playground, to make indoor playground, to open indoor playground and to maintain your indoor playground!

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