Children's trampoline should be in accordance with children's psychology
Jan 31, 2018

During the holidays, the amusement park and the trampoline in the community become the first choice for children to play. According to the research of sports psychology, trampoline is very suitable for children's entertainment and sports psychology. Insisting on exercise can make children's leg muscle group, cerebellum balance nervous system and brain nervous system more developed, and achieve the goal of high growth.

However, while the children are playing happily on the trampoline, many parents are worried about the hidden dangers of trampoline. "This trampoline is too dangerous for children to jump up on top, and there are so many children together. In case of danger, it will be unimaginable.

Parents should pay special attention to the trampoline device and the hidden danger of safety problems, so we should pay attention to the following points.

Children under 1.6 years of age do not play adult trampoline. Children must have adult guardianship when they play trampoline.

2. check whether the shock absorber on trampoline is complete and complete. Besides the soft bed net, other springs, hooks and shelves are all wrapped tightly, so that children will not bump into it.

3. check whether there is a safety net around it.

If there are more than 4. people, it's better not to let the children play, so as not to be dangerous. Choose a little person or let a friend take turns to play.

5. children do resolutely prohibit any dangerous, when Trampolinist difficult moves, such as somersaults, fall and so on

In fact, trampoline accords with the psychology of children. At the same time, we need to pay attention to adults. After all, they pay for them. They need adults to watch them, and children to play happily and grow healthfully.

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