Playground Safety Surfacing - Take Steps To Avoid Injuries In Your Backyard Playground
Jan 31, 2018

The safety of the playground is equally important in the backyard playground because it is public. Fortunately, it does not need to be expensive or difficult to create a suitable surface. While most people choose ' loose ' materials, it is possible to buy special cushioning pads or tiles, if installed correctly, is very effective.

Loose surface

There are many tempting choices in this category. The sand and gravel on the playground are good and easy to keep clean. Bark coverings and sawdust tend to better absorb shocks and attractive looks, although they may be difficult to extract from rubbish. Chopped tires are becoming an increasingly popular option because of all the loose materials they may be most effective. One of the disadvantages of using loose materials is that it is possible that sharp objects, such as broken glass or metal blocks, can be hidden beneath the surface, posing an obvious danger. If you decide on this type of surface, you need to keep in mind that according to the material you choose, it will take 6 to 12 inches deep. You also need some way to control the material so that it does not spread over time, reducing its effectiveness.

Mats and Tiles

A more expensive choice, special damping pad or tile advantage, easy to maintain. All they need is to brush their teeth regularly to remove dirt and rubbish-it is easier than trying to pick small pieces of rubbish from sawdust. In addition, there is no need to rake the area regularly to ensure uniform distribution of materials. There is also a safe side of the "can" playground on the market, which is more or less paved with concrete. It may be a good idea to have this type of surface mount for professionals.

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