Precautions for safety slide
Jan 31, 2018

When choosing a child's slide, not only consider its material and design, but also choose the appropriate facilities according to age to ensure the safety of children. The following criteria for the selection of slide ladder are provided to provide reference for parents:

The armrest is higher than the waist

Many old slide slides are made of cement, which is very dangerous for children. The protection arm on both sides of the cement slide is very low, and the height of the safety handrail must be higher than that of the child's waist, so that the child will not fall from the side.

Integral forming

The platform above the slide should not have the threshold, which means no height difference is formed integrally, slide to smooth, do not have seams to prevent clothing rope clamp or hook. On the top of the slide, the arch is designed to guide the child to sit down.

The bottom has a height

The bottom of the slide should not be completely close to the ground, but there should be a height of 22 to 42 centimeters.  This kind of design is convenient for the child to skid down and get up quickly, not to get up, and be hit by a friend in use in the rear.

Enough buffer space

The gradient is closely related to the buffer space. The higher the steeper slide, the longer the buffer space will be. Especially for the rotary slide, there will be more buffer space, so the slide must be designed longer. Lin Jiazhen said that the slope should be limited to 40 degrees, not steepness, the buffer must be over 180 cm around the facility.

Age selection

According to the US data, 0 to 2 years old children are only suitable for playing indoor short short slide, and 5 to 12 years old children can play a steeper higher and spiral, wavy, 360 degree rotary slide.

Parents tips

American research found that 75% of all accidental injuries were falling accidents. Therefore, when mom was playing with her children in an open slide, she had to stand on both sides of the slide and move along the location where the child slipped down. Otherwise, it would be very serious to accidentally drop from both sides. But if it is a closed slide, the parents will stand at the bottom, always notice whether the child slips down or is stuck in the middle. In addition, if the ball is below the slide, children should be asked not to bury their body in the pool, because other children may easily hurt him when they are unaware.

Because most accidental injuries are falling accidents, the material of the ground is also very important, so it is necessary for the soft ground with high collision avoidance coefficient. In the United States because of relatively dry climate, uniform depth of 15 cm above the sand around the most visible game; and Taiwan because the climate is humid, and the cat and dog feces problem is serious, so shop with rubber or plastic rubber pad, and its thickness, softness, elasticity and collision coefficient need to pay particular attention to whether can to prevent falling damage.

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