Children Indoor Soft Playground Project in Chandigarh,India
Oct 17, 2018

Indoor playground in Chandigarh,India  

Site: 238 square meter

Theme: Modern paradise

Years: 2018

New project has finished installation in India. Modern theme indoor playground design, 238 square meter site, there has many items for children to play.

For example,the football playground for boys to play football;the role play are for girls to play different roles and experience different life;the ball pool aren with projection for toddler to Pitch the ocean ball to the screen and have different games to choose from;the trampoline for big kids to bounce and jump;the traffic city area for children just like their daily life;the gun shot area for child to shoot the ocean ball to each other and also have the commen items , such as slide, soft play etc...

Design diagram

indoor playground equipment

Scene photos

indoor playground India

indoor soft playground

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