Indoor Play Centre Equipment Project in Vanke,Nanjing
Jul 10, 2018

Project address: 1st Floor, Hengda Jinbi Tianxia Entertainment Center, Wolong Lake,Yongyang Town, Lishui District, Nanjing

Project area: indoor playground

equipment area :320 sq;

trampoline area :190 sq;

sand pool area :53 sq;

building block :26 sq;

ball pool area :60 sq; stage :18 sq;

somatosensory area :22 sq;

video play area :321 sq; rest area :75 sq

Project height: 3.6 meters

children indoor trampoline.jpg

Recreation center

children indoor playground equipment is warmly sought after by customers and children.

The novel children indoor soft playground and novel puzzle products fully stimulate children's creativity, imagination, hands-on ability, broaden the children's vision, comprehensively develop and develop children's abilities, let children learn and grow in play, study Enjoy a happy childhood.

kids indoor playground.jpg

A wide variety of children's soft indoor playground

kids playground equipment are basically playing together with their peers. The communication skills and social skills of the children who exercise invisibly can reflect their own value when playing with their friends. This is a lot of Parental approval.

reasonable color matching

Without the drifting, warm texture, the design of the cowboy playground follows the hearts of the children.

indoor amusement park equipment.jpg

Children can also learn the basic concepts of objects through toys: size, weight, color, balance, and so on. Assume that children can naturally develop aesthetic values when they are exposed to quality toys. This is also an aesthetic teaching.

indoor playground equipment.jpg

    Broaden the children's play space

◆Children's limbs and body coordination can get comprehensive                          exercise on  the children indoor soft playground equipment

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