Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment Project in New South Wales, Australia
Oct 18, 2018

Indoor playground in New South Wales, Australia

Site: 572 square meter

Height: 6 meter

Theme: Modern paradise

Years: 2017

Location: 2B Moonee Beach Rd 2450, New South Wales, Australia

Congratulation to our customer for successfully installing indoor playground equipment in their Lalaland. Modern paradise theme indoor playground park, 572 square meter.   

After opening a period of time, we got good feedback and a high praise from our customers. The kids very liked to play this indoor soft playground.

Who wants to give the kids something super fun to do today? Come and experience their awesome slides, mezzanine soccer field, lego land and climbing equipment. So much to do and they have a cafe full of delicious food and drinks! And also have air conditioned! the funny indoor playground is waiting for you !

Design diagram

kids indoor playground

Scene photos

children indoor playground

indoor playground

indoor playground price

Installation Photos

indoor playground equipment  


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