Indoor Foam Playground Project in Seattle, USA
Jul 02, 2018

Project Theme:Castle theme

Project Area:738 square meter

Floor Height:6.5 meter

Project Location: Seattle, United States

Introduce our case in Seattle, USA. This is a children indoor playground set with a castle theme, a trampoline plus indoor soft playground equipment, a total of more than 700 square meters, of which the kids indoor soft playground has accounted for more than 200 square meters, and the trampoline has more than 500 square meters.

indoor playground.jpg

This is a indoor trampoline area. Adults and children can play. In the rectangle trampoline we usually set some sponges, yoga balls, boxing bags and basketball frames. Various games can meet the needs of different people. Here you can enjoy yourself. Run, jump.No matter kids or adults are like to play the exercise trampoline.

indoor playground trampoline.jpg

This is a castle indoor soft play area. Colorful indoor playground attract children. The equipment is equipped with swings, slides, ball pools, sand pools, building blocks, and sand pools to attract younger, quieter children; electric equipment and sandbags. Can climb, shake, capture the balance of exercise, easy to attract older older children. The combination of equipment and equipment will naturally be loved by parents and children.

indoor soft play equipment.jpg

kids indoor soft playground.jpg

The children indoor soft playground of catering function area provides customers with favorite desserts, beverages, ice cream and other foods when they are tired, increasing their stay time. At the same time, they can observe the movement of the equipment during the break, discover the next game goal, and promote secondary the potential of consumption.

indoor playground factory.jpg

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