The market demand of the water park industry in the future
Jan 31, 2018

With the promotion of the tourist experience and the rapid increase in the number of water parks, the choice of future tourists will be more and more, and will become more and more critical. In this situation, the main demands of the water park market will be concentrated in the following aspects:

1. brands and market reputation

Tourists choose water parks primarily by brand and market reputation. Famous brands and good market reputation generally represent advanced products, high quality services and safe and comfortable environment, so they become the primary influencing factors of purchase decisions.

The water park to enhance the market reputation and brand recognition mainly through three ways, one is the independent business park usually rely on the scale and uniqueness to become the market leader; the two is to realize the expansion of the brand and enhance the corporate culture through high quality and standardized services; three is the famous chain leisure brand, such as water park built in the hotel brand, to enhance brand awareness. Guangzhou Changlong, Beijing merry water magic cube and other famous water park, can not be separated from the "brand and market reputation".

2. unique entertainment experience

Tourists seek pleasure and relaxation entertainment experience in water parks, family friendly atmosphere, pursuit of weekend or holiday family can enjoy recreational activities. These appeals are met mainly through a rich water park equipment and a variety of family activities. In the early stage of the development of the water park, the market leaders mainly rely on scale to win, and create a unique theme environment. Buying water park equipment, but in the market development to a certain degree of maturity, it is also necessary to seek unique competitive strategies outside of scale competition.

For example, the originality of the new water park equipment and can bring tourists unique feeling music, lighting and audio-visual products, the new company -- the colorful cowboy series of products, the main color, with a pure white color, collocation of seven colors of the rainbow, instead of the traditional product color pollution, so that visitors will find everything fresh and new. Bring aesthetic fatigue to tourists, and collocation style, rich and colorful fascinating ingenious features, I believe we will let visitors play overwhelmed with joy, left a beautiful and unforgettable memory!

3. the environment is clean and safe.

Because of the particularity of aquatic products, tourists have higher requirements for cleanliness, safety and comfort of water environment, especially for families with children.  Therefore, a successful water park will make the environment clean, comfortable and safe as a core competitiveness.

4. types and quality of supporting facilities and services

With the increase of disposable time and disposable income, tourists will not be satisfied with the single way of entertainment. They will put forward more and higher requirements in catering, sightseeing, shopping and other entertainment. Therefore, the type and quality of the supporting facilities and services will play a more and more important role in the attraction of the water park.

5. convenience

When the number of water park reaches a certain size, competition, in addition to a small number of leading industry, most of the water park will be difficult to become a major destination for tourists during the holidays, they will drive or visit the nearby water park in the tour vacation resort, famous tourist area. Therefore, the convenience of location will be the core element of a considerable number of water parks in the future, and metropolitan areas or famous scenic spots and resorts will be the first choice for water parks.

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