What are the problems to be paid attention to in the installation of children's paradise
Jan 31, 2018

1, in the process of installation, we must pay attention to the fact that any place where visitors can be touched must not be allowed to have sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions. The decorations on amusement equipment must be firmly fixed.

2, we must have warning signs on amusement equipment, such as equipment instructions, notices, etc., so that passengers can see at a glance, then decide whether they are suitable for the amusement equipment.

3, when installing amusement equipment, we must not place the larger equipment directly on the ground for saving the map. We must fix the equipment on the ground or other ways to fix the equipment, so as to prevent the equipment from collapsing.

4, amusement equipment must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. It can't follow its own way, so as to avoid looking at the equipment on the surface perfectly. After a period of use, there are various problems.

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