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Childrens Soft Play Equipment Customization Process
Jun 12, 2018

In the past, everyone was not very familiar with indoor soft playground. Some people should have heard of it. Some people still don’t know what Childrens Soft Play Equipment is. Everyone who saw indoor playground was supposed to have seen it at a playground. Many people think that Indoor Soft Play Equipment. Suitable for outdoor, but outdoor naughty castle will be affected by external factors, then you have thought about indoor play area equipment? kids indoor soft play equipment customized

1. It is necessary to provide a field map plan for castle indoor soft play, and it is necessary to provide detailed dimensions.

Childrens Soft Play Equipment.jpg

2. Cowboy will also design a reasonable plan of effect according to your site to ensure that you like it. If you are unsatisfied, we will make a reasonable adjustment plan as far as possible according to the requirements of the customer. Until you are satisfied.

3. After the program is satisfactory, we will contribute to our cooperation with the final quotation for your plan.

About the price:

Specific quotation based on the size of the site design project list of quotes! 

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