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Commercial Indoor Playground’s Innovation And Positioning
Jul 03, 2018

For the children

adventure indoor playgroun is their kingdom

Many times our first impression of people is based on the appearance of this person, theindoor soft play environment is no exception. The children indoor playground with the theme of decoration style, innovative features and colorful children's fun will surely attract the attention of the first time.

Of course, this feature is not imitated, but from the perspective of its own innovation and breakthroug

Here,the cowboy toys introduce to you how the kids indoor play area equipment can show its own characteristics, let the baby soft play equipment price can become the kingdom of more children!

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One: the characteristics can not be imitated

The decoration style of an excellent indoor kids playground, you can try to "take its essence, go to its dregs", and then combine the size of the children indoor playground set venue, the characteristics of the inflatable indoor playground equipment, etc., with new elements, designed to be exclusive The indoor play structures of decoration style, unique and difficult to imitate the decoration style, can give people a deeper impression, thus forming a brand effect and retaining customers.

Unique ideas for nursery soft play

The environment decoration matches the toddler soft play equipment . It is worth noting that there is a difference between the preschool indoor playground and the toddler indoor playground. The price indoor playground is a large product combination area.

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Two: Reasonable positioning of the cheap indoor playhouse

“To create a unique local character for children indoor park”

In the design, according to the geographical location of the venue, combined with local culture, folk customs and consumer groups to make a local design, combined with these factors, not only can reflect their own ideas, attract the attention of the players, but also in line with the local culture. To create a local Kids indoor amusement park, let the children have a sense of belonging in the kids indoor playground .

Three: several major points to pay attention when designing

Designed around children’s psychology, personality, etc.”

①Safety must ensure the safety of the children's playground facilities.

②Unique, ensuring the creativity and uniqueness of the children's indoor playground, which is more attractive to the crowd.

③Culturally, the theme of the kid's indoor playground tends to bring knowledge to the consumer.

④Service, good service is more easily accepted by consumers.

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⑤The design should first be lively , close to nature, close to life, and the appearance of the shape is vivid and expressive;

If the children indoor playground does not have its unique advantages, it is difficult to attract the attention of the child and impress the child. Moreover, many Indoor foam playground have fewer single items and combination products, and lack of product depth may not satisfy the playful needs of more critical children.

So in addition to a design of the space environment, there are many device issues to consider.

Maybe you can't see such a unique "kids indoor soft play equipment" elsewhere.

In addition to high-force cases and equipment

We will continue to design and develop unique indoor playground slides series.

Let us build one kingdom after another for the children!

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