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Development Of Indoor Playground Rope Adventure (environmental Protection And Safety)
Jul 09, 2018

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Indoor playground rope adventure starts from safety

On the issue of safety, almost all indoor playground equipment manufacturers believe that through reasonable design, plus the protection of the net and soft bag technology, children's safety can be guaranteed. This is beyond doubt.

However, in the environmental protection of materials and some processing of the process, these obvious details have been neglected intentionally or unintentionally. Perhaps you can't imagine how to comfort your children to entertain in a place full of volatile substances (Harmful substances) in this age of quality.

In general, “safety” is the operational core of kids indoor play area equipment.

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“Take the Right Road to Environmental Protection”

The environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials are the most basic requirements for quality inspection standards forchildrens soft play equipment manufacturers. Then the most basic ones may sometimes become the most overlooked. Driven by the interests of low-quality, low-cost raw materials, and the weak consumer awareness of security, companies that focus only on immediate interests have almost minimized product control requirements.

It is precisely these small and medium-sized enterprises that do not serve by quality and the differentiation of industry-related standards, resulting in a variety of children's play facilities in the kids soft indoor playground equipment industry, so that a large number of children indoor playground set equipment with excessive levels of harmful elements are flooding the entire amusement market.

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The development of green and environmentally-friendly raw materials is not only the only way for the children indoor soft playground equipment industry, but also the subject of the entire production and manufacturing field. In this regard, the national policy will only be implemented in all fields of various industries. As a new sunrise industry, the children's soft indoor playground industry will be more demanding in its growing and growing industry.

However, under such an environment, the cowboy playground still insists on the heart and adheres to the sustainable development. From the establishment of the company to the pastor, the safety concept of the cowboy playground runs through the entire process of manufacturing and installation (kids playground equipment and safety).

Requirements for quality inspection and technology

The environmental protection safety and non-toxicity of materials is the most basic requirement for the quality inspection standards of children's Indoor foam playground equipment. The main target of Plastic indoor playground is children, all the material requirements for equipment are also higher. Let's take a look at the technology of the main materials in indoor playground equipment nursery.

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1.Guard net: For the net protection requirements, it is made of high-strength cotton rope, which has the advantages of high strength and good safety performance.

2.Iron pipe: galvanized iron pipe in line with national standard

3.The soft tube is made of high-density foamed EVA sponge. The exterior is made of shiny leather. The surface is scrubbed, the color is bright, the solidity is not easy to be rotten, and the fire-proof is good.

4.Plastic slide: The indoor playground equipment is bright in color, safe and environmentally friendly and we're going to keep going on this green road.

5.The floor of indoor play area equipment is a multi-layer board with a soft bag on the outside. High strength and high safety.

6.The ground used is an environmentally friendly ground and there is no loss to children.

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We have confidence in our products and confidence in the entire industry. In the next few years, the concept of environmental protection will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and we will continue to take the right road to environmental protection.

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