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Do You Really Know About The Soft Playground?
Nov 13, 2018

How to run the indoor playground? 

It’s better to understand the characteristics of every section, benefits, function and attention items.In our daily operations and maintenance, when customers bring their kids to play, parents have much free time at that moment.

We can master this opportunity to draw on the relationship among customers for introducing the advantages of each section and features, so that customers can be familiar with the benefits of the children paradise for kids’ growth, which can make better understanding and receive the recognition.

As a worker in the children park, we should know more about every functional zone, which can make better promotion.

In daily life, there is a common misunderstanding in many families that having fun at the children paradise is the most important matter for parents. But parents know nothing about the advantages and features of indoor playground. If we can offer some lectures or classes to parents to learn more the information about soft playground, parents will be willing to bring kids to your children’s paradise.

Nowadays, the education problem is the top priority for parents. Which parents would not like to let their children to learn by playing. Therefore, our mission is that more and more workers and parents more understand the indoor playground industry! It’s just not about ‘playing’ in the children paradise...

There is the introduction about soft playground in details for different functional zones, features, characteristics and benefits of each entertainment sections.

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  The Introduction of Soft Playground

Soft playground, also called naughty castle, and designed by the children’s characteristics. It is a new generation of children activity center with amusement, sports, intelligent recreations and fitness. It’s a new style extremely comprehensive children paradise, which is designed for children preferences, such as drilling, climbing, sliding ,rolling, swaying, jumping, shaking and so on.

It can develop children’s independent personality, physical exercise and mental health while playing. It has the characteristics of arbitrariness,non-power, interactivity and security. Now matter how big or how regular the site is, it can be managed and installed simply.

Soft playground project belongs to customized product, which is the core abbreviation of the children paradise. The content can be described by themselves. And we will describe the function, benefits, product description and attention items.

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 Common Items and Functions 

Drilling mainly enables children to have a full range of physical exercise and the development of physical movement

Crazy Artillery Battle enhance physical strength and stimulates active spirit and courage to overcome difficulties.

Marine Pool can learn colors, dots, groups, calculations, throwing, flapping, tidying, discipline, habits, etc

Balancing stand builds the body’s balance.

Slides can enhance children’s limbs and overall coordination on the slides.

Single-plank Bridge build up body balance ability,improve physical coordination and train courage

Air gliding enhance physical strength and inspires the courage of children to overcome difficulties.

The massage ball measures the children’s vestibule balance and gravity.

The Yoyo has integrated adjustments to the inherent sense and vision

Of course, there are some products, we will not introduce them here. ..

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New Products: Electric Parent-Child Paradise

Coconut Tree: In the safe parallel rotation, children climb and sit with the upper and lower limbs in order to form a new balance experience to promote the improvement of sensory integration ability.

Water roller: Children use wisdom and nimble action to control a floating ball on the water, which can exercise children’s four limbs coordination.

Water slides: Dynamic elements are added to the slide of the traditional concept to make it fresh in use and visual sense. Children enjoy the happy moments of sliding up and down, and the sound of the water makes them more pleasurable.

Climbing: Children climb up from the swaying slider, The success of the 

adventure is illustrated by pressing a button as you climb to the top, which not only builds children’s sense of adventure, tenacity, but also gives them a sense of accomplishment after completing the task.

Happy Octopus: In the equal rotation, children can use climbing to maintain body balance, promote children waist, back, abdomen and limbs endurance to develop.

Waterbed: Children can perceive the smooth, soft and unstable characteristics of the waterbed, they can face the challenge and accumulates autonomous experience of control and movement of the body.

Treasure boat: The child forms the benign stimulation in the up and down sway boat, which can enrich the young kid’s noumenon of perception experience.

Small turntable: In the slow rotation and high handrail, children can create the body balance and develop the coordination ability.

Balloon House: Using the scientific principle of air convection, the colorful and light-weight special balloon, when children step into this space, it is like entering a dream world.

Inflatable trampoline: Combined the traditional inflatable bouncing, climbing and other items, increased it the scientific principle of circulation in the air stream.It can make the balloon keep turning, and let the children enjoy the feeling of space weightlessness.

Space-time shuttle: Children develop self-confidence and adaptive ability by vertical rotation, enhancing the development and maturation of nervous system, accumulating experience in the game challenge of rotation.

Swaying Climbing Frame: Children climb up and down on a swinging climbing frame, aiming to increase children’s endurance and physique, exercise balance and coordination.

Various amusements have positive significance in the growth of young children...

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The project and Introduction of Indoor Playground

Based on the characteristics of children, Naughty Castle is designed to form a new generation of children’s activity center, which combines amusement, sports, intellectual and physical fitness with a scientific three-dimensional combination, and it’s a exciting and safe place to have fun. This amusement is conducive to children’s vigor and imagination. 

While having a good time, the body gets aerobic endurance exercise;It can satisfy the children’s psychological requirements such as being competitive, unwilling to lag behind and brave to explore, and make them grow up healthily, joyfully and intelligently. 

At the same time, it is beneficial to cultivate children’s courage, tenacity, tenaciousness, speed, strength, balance and coordination, so as to strengthen physical fitness and mental health.

The main items are trampoline, ocean pool, hang glide, single-log bridge, cable bridge, cockpit, slide, rainbow ladder, climbing, Volcanic eruptions, carbines, cannons, cartoon partitions, airbus, coconut trees, waterbeds, balloon houses, round-the-clock shuttles, happy octopus, inflatable trampolines, water slides, water rollers, pirate ships, mini-turntable animals and other equipment.

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Attention Items about indoor playground

1.Follow the instructions in Naughty Castle. Take off your shoes before entering the Naughty Fort and put them in the locker with your belongings in order to maintain the hygiene and safety in the Naughty Fort.

2.Naughty Castle products cannot have any sharp objects in the place where is easy to easy and touch.  If there are sharp objects in individual places, they should be far away from the area and the operator should be informed.

3. Naughty Forts are generally intended for children between the ages of 2 and 8 and 1.3 metres in height, and children under the age of 6 are placed in the care of their guardians. Do not bring any items into the naughty castle to avoid scratches during the game.

4.When a child entering a naughty castle to play, the guardian should do a good job of safety education and remind the child not to play inside the facility.

5.The protective net around Naughty Fort only serves to protect you from climbing and pulling.

6.Do not damage the amusement facilities, can not open the back cover, seat cover, touch the power source, line. Otherwise, the consequences will be borne by you.

7.Children who are unwell should not play in naughty forts, such as tics, heart problems, etc.

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