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How Can Indoor Play Structures Attract Kids?
Jun 16, 2018

1. Hang up instructions and introduce new products on the new indoor play structures;

2. Place the indoor softplayground equipment in a conspicuous place while placing some decorations to attract pedestrians' attention;

3. If the conditions permit, you can let the children try it for free. The first time I liked it, it was not difficult to be attracted later;

4. The staff can demonstrate new indoor playground equipment. If the staff has high affinity, it can attract many children.

5. For the corresponding equipment, regularly engage in some small activities;

indoor play structures.jpg

All in all, in the course of business, staff need to guide children who are not familiar with the softplay equipment and ensure their safety. This is very important. It is also very important. Are you worried that your child has no traffic at indoor playground park? Try these methods and let your atmosphere of indoor soft playground light up

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