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How Many Years Can I Get Back The Money That Invest An Indoor Playground Equipment For Kids
Aug 24, 2018

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The input cost of running an indoor playground equipment for kids depends on the selected indoor playground equipment. How many years can get back the money? This is mainly related to the choice of the venue and the rent, as well as the surrounding floating population. According to the big data analysis in previous years, it shows that most investors can return to the first year or so.

Suggestion: For the choice of venues, it is necessary to choose places with crowded traffic, rents should not be too high, and the surrounding consumer groups need a certain amount of children.

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The amount of single consumption for the indoor soft playground should not be too high, and it is easy to limit the quantity of consumption, resulting in a shrinking profit. At the same time, the Publicity efforts should be increased and two to three advertisements and clear position descriptions can be seen around the children's playground.

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