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How To Detect The Quality Of Childrens Soft Play Equipment
Nov 20, 2018

1. Appearance, this is very important, and it is also the primary condition and guarantee for attracting children. Each customer will have his own aesthetic. In terms of quality, according to the relevant regulations, no sharp objects or iron objects can appear in the children indoor soft playground.

2. Accessories, these include too many things, different product accessories of childrens soft play equipment are also a lot different. Such as coconut trees, slides, etc., as well as others, do not allow substances that are likely to cause harm to children, but also qualified manufacturers to produce and obtain qualified quality reports.

childrens soft play equipment

3. The structure must be constructed with good seamless steel pipe, PVC foam tube packaging, and it is not allow places where children can be touched and vulnerable points that are vulnerable. Must conform to the mechanical structure, keep the soft indoor playground firm and stable

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