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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Kids Indoor Playground Equipment
Nov 28, 2018

Indoor Playground Structure is generally a steel frame structure, PVC soft bag material, many naughty castles are customized, this depends on the quality of the raw materials and the craftsmanship, of course, It can not ignore the technical problems of installation.

If these can reach the standard, the life of the general kids indoor playground equipment is relatively long-lasting. Under normal operating conditions, it is not man-made damage, and there are few cases of natural damage. Whether the materials are environmentally friendly is also very important.

kids indoor playground equipment

Appearance: Appearance is an important factor to attract customers to stay longer. Each customer has their own aesthetic vision. On any Indoor Soft Playground Equipment, according to relevant regulations, there should be no sharp objects, iron objects on the surface of the indoor play park equipment or harm to children's health. It is best to go to the factory for a field trip.

Safety: Accessories, in addition to items that do not cause harm to children, must be produced by regular indoor playground equipment manufacturers, and must have a qualified quality report for the corresponding products. The structure is built with good seamless steel pipe and PVC foam packaging. It can't appear sharp objects that can touch children. Must conform to the mechanical structure to maintain the stability of the kids indoor playground equipment.

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