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How To Operate An Indoor Playground
Aug 18, 2018

Want to open an indoor children's playground? 

How much is it?

Will it be profitable? What is profit?

I believe that most of investors would have such doubts. 

Why is that?

Because they lack of knowledge of business and management. If you want to run an indoor playground, Cowboy would like to offer some useful tips just for your reference!

The most important thing for opening an indoor playground is craftsmanship spirit. What is craftsmanship spirit? It is the process of self-denial, self-challenge and self-improvement for the most extreme customer experience. When it comes to craftsmanship spirit, many people instantly think of manufacturing industry, but for running an indoor playground, we should not leave craftsmanship spirit behind.

indoor soft playground equipment.jpg

How to achieve craftsmanship spirit in this business? There are four things we need to care about. 

First thing is environment. Consumption group is made up of children and parents, and what they care about most is environment .Actually in our business practice, we require more than a clean and neat environment, also require a deep level meaning. In playground, dealers should try to make children feel comfortable and make parents feel safe about lighting. The dealers who have craftsmanship spirit they would consider the lighting environment very thoughtful. The lighting will not be dazzling, and the ground can play a role in contrasting the lighting, and not just glare, and there is no light dead corner in the venue to make parents feel safe.

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The weekly clean-up must be carried out in an unbiased manner, through strict procedures to ensure through cleaning of all equipment, accessories and every corner children can touch, even for every marine ball cleaning and disinfection.

The second thing is service. The intention of the service directly affects the customer's experience and the reputation of the park. An indoor playground with craftsmanship spirit, they would like to pursue demanding service. Every employee in the kid theme park should be a smiling ambassador and always has a charming smile. At the same time, they will not hesitate to stoop and communicate with their children's customers, so that children can be treated equally from beginning to end. They carry small souvenirs with them, when children and their parents have a dispute, or crying, they will let the children pick up their smiles through sending them small souvenirs. They will take pen and paper and record the customer's needs and opinions in detail. They will clean all the garbage they see. The environment is clean, customers becomes more, the profit is improved, and the boss smiles stealthily.

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The third thing is equipment. Equipment in the playground not only should be fun, but also should be pay attention of the details of the equipment. For equipment in the playground, the equipment should be adjusted in the field before, during and after the process of installation to the storefront, especially need to adjust it according to the actual operation. The layout of the equipment should be fully in line with the characteristics of the children's customers, and even the feeling of a labyrinth can be combined to make children have the joy of a maze adventure.

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The last thing is detail. Paying attention to detail in the operation is the core craftsmanship spirit of an indoor playground. Every place and program that might be dangerous to children should be adjusted. For example, for common socket, whether the child's anti-shock device is installed, and is it restored to an electric shock-proof state after each use? Are the glass covers of the fire hydrants decorated with cartoons, and are they reminded of the safety in a language that children can understand? Even for children's seats, it is necessary to test repeatedly to get its best condition.

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