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How To Prevent The Harm Caused By Playing A Trampoline
Nov 21, 2018

Parents and staff must provide safety guidance when children play trampolines in soft indoor playground.

First of all, when they jump, must hold their chest with their arms, so you can prevent collisions with others.

Second, when jumping up and landing, don't kneel down, so you can avoid being stepped on or bumped by others;

Third, if the center of gravity is unstable when playing indoor play area equipment, you should fall to the ground with a chest, so that the contact surface is large, and the damage to the limbs can be minimized as much as possible.


Fourth, children can not bend or recline during the process of playing the trampoline. Such movements can easily cause damage to the thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae.

If the parents and staff find that the child is uncomfortable while playing indoor play park equipment, they must stop the game.

When playing the trampoline, follow the principle of gradual progress, and the quality of the movement should be improved together after a period of training. Gradually mastering the trampoline, we must lay a good foundation, can not be anxious, otherwise the trauma is difficult to control.

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