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How To Run A Toddler Indoor Playground Equipment In Slack Season?
Aug 03, 2018

How to run a Toddler Indoor playground equipment in slack season? 


Cowboy indoor playground factory have some suggestions for you!


Equipment in a Toddler Indoor playground equipment is easily to be worn out in a overloaded busy season.dust,static electricity,overheating brings frail damages to those equipment,and would lower the whole efficiency down.In order to eliminate hidden danger,to stop chain reactions,and to protect from more loss,taking some time to diagnose and restore them is needed. 

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Employees in every position especially some new employee,are more likely to feel nervous and tired in this peak business period.once slack season coming,they appear to be lazy in some degree of their awareness of service and quality of service,and that definitely will bring bad effects on reputation and benefits to the store. We should take some precautions for a long-term running.

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1. We need to offer employee skill training courses.after busy business season pass, we need to enhance employees’service attitude and awareness,also need to adjust all indoor play area equipment,replace districts of all items,adjust singular positions.dealers of kids indoor soft play equipment should pay attention to security and maintaining of electric circuit ,incomplete label identification(like adjustment or change of advertisement place).

According to the estimation of profit and the entire date of equipment,we should decide whether to add or reduce amount of children indoor playground set or not.

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2. If there are objective reasons and factors which affect the results of whole improvement,we need to analyse common reason,to enhance employees’ service attitude and awareness.give some training and internship,and carry out regular assessment.some customers are easy to repeat consumption,so when they get bored of old amusement,some new and fresh project should be offered.enhance leisure atmosphere,introduce new elements,hold some parents-child activities, hold shows regularly,make this business a long-term or win-win project.let other store give free or charged tickets.

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