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Kids Indoor Playground Equipment Will Become The Standard Configuration Of Shopping Centers
Jul 13, 2018

Full of symbolism

Storytelling indoor playground equipment

Indoor playground

Give your child a rich imagination, thinking and creativity.

Give the children a good home for the soft indoor playground.

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Children indoor playground can maximize children's interest and give children rich imagination, thinking and creativity.

Cultivate cognition and language in play. The development of intelligence breaks through the inherent concepts of reality, allowing children to have free imagination, and can create unlimited imagination and amazing creativity, giving children a good home.

With the rapid development of the social economy, the national income is getting higher and higher, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and they begin to pay attention to the quality of life, instead of just living for life, and more and more parents are starting to Focusing on children's education, based on kids indoor play area equipment is a form of fun and education, so the childrens soft play equipment industry is also favored by more and more consumers.

      soft play equipment prices.jpg soft indoor playground equipment can attract popularity in the shopping center

Shopping mall passenger flow.

Passenger flow is self-evident for most business groups. In the past, regardless of the mall or commercial complex, the first consideration was the “women’s economy”. With the second-child policy and the importance of children’s education, everyone now turned their attention to the “children’s economy”.

One: Can attract popularity

Children indoor playground set can attract popularity for shopping malls in a short period of time, increase the time for customers to stay in the mall, stimulate the potential consumption of parents, and virtually increase the consumption of parents and children. The proportion of Luxurious Toddlers Indoor Playground Indoor, catering and leisure entertainment continues to increase, and the expansion of children's themes is becoming more and more obvious. With the liberalization of the "second child" policy, the industry is very optimistic about the future prospects of children indoor soft playground.

Second: Increase sales

Soft indoor playground not only can increase the popularity of the shopping center, but also increase sales to a certain extent, and become the “standard” of the shopping center.

Three: Entering the commercial complex

Many indoor kids gym have begun to enter the commercial complex. For now, there are still many problems in the domestic children's business: serious homogenization competition, single mechanism and capital income problems, etc., all of which need to be slow. Slow development can be mature and stable.

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2.To achieve the corner overtaking

Understand the development trend of kids playground equipment industry

Although the children's market has many problems and is not mature, Indoor foam playground has gradually become one of the most potential industries due to the baby boom and strong economic development. Plastic indoor playground projects can be seen in major shopping centers, all of which are used to promote shopping malls.

The experience, uniqueness and good service of indoor playground equipment canada are the key to its market recognition. The new development trend of indoor playground equipment nursery has already attracted the attention of major enterprises - the upgrade of equipment, the integration of industrial chain and the associated consumption of adults will be the top priority of future development.

One: Upgrade of indoor play area equipment

In the process of kids indoor soft play equipment operation, many operators have noticed the importance of equipment. If there are several kinds of indoor playground jungle gym in the process of business, then the novelty will often be lost, because children are often unable to resist the attraction of novel amusement equipment. Therefore, the device must be updated regularly.

Second: The entire industry chain integration

Industrialization has gradually become one of the main trends in the children's business. It integrates different formats and superimposes retail or catering through entertainment formats. As children grow up, they can meet the needs of different stages. If the brand can provide the whole industry chain. Products or services will definitely increase customer and brand consistency.

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3 Adult consumer interaction

In the early stage of the domestic children indoor soft playground equipment business format, the merchants did not pay attention to the importance of adults with children. Therefore, the ability of adult consumption has not played a certain point. It is only by letting the children experience and play, and can not truly form commercial value.

One: What should parents do?

Sometimes there are two adults who send their children to play, but they have nothing to do, no place to shop or rest. With the development of the children's entertainment industry, the future will be more complementary to other adult formats and enhance adult consumption.

Second:We must pay attention to adult consumption

As far as the brand is concerned, the importance of adult consumers' contribution to sales is emphasized. For commercial projects, the interaction and complementarity between the jungle indoor playground for kids business format and the surrounding business forms should be emphasized. When they are in harmony with each other, the relevant consumers brought by the children's main body will inevitably be able to return the business in a direct or indirect situation.

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For example, in the vicinity of kids Indoor Amusement playground equipment, casual dining, book bars, cinemas, etc for adult consumption.

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