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Method For Preventing Danger In Baby Indoor Playground
Jul 28, 2018

1. Children must be accompanied by an adult when playing in the Baby indoor playground.

2. Regular inspection of qualified statements and indoor playground equipment without safety precautions and warning signs.

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3. Before selecting a playground equipment for children, be sure to carefully read the instructions for the use of kids indoor playground equipment, check whether the safety equipment has potential safety hazards, whether the rescue method is perfect, and explain and prompt the child.

4. According to your child's physical condition, choose the appropriate children's play equipment.

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5. Young children or children with fear of heights, heart disease, and anemia should try not to use them.

6. In the process of entering the children indoor playground, do not extend the head and hands beyond the fence.

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7. Keep calm when there is a problem with the playground, don't be afraid, and follow the relevant staff organization.

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