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Soft Small Indoor Playground Should Be Designed With Children As The Core
Aug 28, 2018

According to the psychological analysis of the children, soft small indoor playground should avoid the use of weak color when designing children's soft play equipment to prevent children from producing low and fuzzy visual effects.

children indoor playground set.jpg

If the child strongly likes a certain color, indicating the child's personality characteristics and inner activity state, for this phenomenon, the child's parents should pay attention to correct the child in time and give correct guidance to help the child to grow healthily.

Most children like simple, bright colors such as red, yellow, and green.

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Children who prefer red are strong in personality, optimistic in mind, energetic, emotional ups and downs, and hope that others' attention, shortcomings are individual impulses and rich emotions.

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Most girls like pink, and there is a princess dream in their hearts. Girls who like pink have a thoughtful, gentle, delicate personality and strong dependence.

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Children who prefer yellow have a strong curiosity about the unknown. Their love of color is more related to different factors such as living environment, age and so on.

Children of different ages will change their preference for color. Although color has a direct connection with personality, it is not absolute. It should be understood and treated objectively from multiple angles. Try to use simple colors in the color matching of kids soft indoor playground equipment.

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Therefore, in the design of children indoor playground set, in addition to meeting the psychological needs of children in color matching, we must also scientifically find the needs of children. Guangzhou Cowboy Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. has the correct development direction to Help parents to open their brain intelligence and get physical exercise, allow children to develop their greatest nature and potential.

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