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The Relationship Between Kids Indoor Playground And The Surrounding Shops
Nov 05, 2018

The development of large-scale shopping malls has gone through three stages, one is catering, then leisure and entertainment, and the last is kids indoor playground drives consumption.

Large shopping malls, which are mainly based on children indoor playground , are already relatively mature business models in the world.

The entire children's indoor playground industry may also get better returns in this new round of upgrades.

indoor playground

According to the survey, some large shopping malls have entered the stage of renting in the early stage, and the effect of pulling on the overall rent is very obvious.

When the Indoor Soft Playground is opened, the consumption of the family will play a significant role in improving the overall efficiency of the shopping mall.

The children's playground industry is the engine of people's flow. For example, all kinds of parents in the restaurant in the weekend eat with their children. Most of the people in toy stores, clothing stores, early education stores, and maternity stores rely on children's indoor playgrounds.

As an important component of the core business format of some shopping malls, the kids indoor soft play equipment business format has a great promotion effect on the surrounding business format and the rent of shopping malls.

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