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The Right Way Of Operating Indoor Playground For Children Is The Guarantee Of Profit.
Aug 10, 2018

Pre-opening promotion is essential,can distribute flyers around the community. Let people in the vicinity know the service of indoor playground for children, price and hotline.

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During the business hours, you can choose a time period in the evening or on weekends. Try to open some parental early education knowledge classes for parents to realize the importance of early education, how to protect young children, how to develop children's intelligence and exercise child's physical ability and so on.

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After the indoor playground for children has been in operation for a period of time, there will be some guests who come to visit frequently. At this time, the operators can encourage them to apply for membership cards and give certain discounts.

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In addition, it is also possible to organize small events on a regular basis, such as birthday parties or with nearby kindergartens, which are great ways to increase your popularity and increase your customer base.

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