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What Functional Partitions To Consider When Designing A Ocean Indoor Playground Equipment?
Jul 07, 2018

Ocean indoor playground equipment interior space design can be said to be very important. A good children's indoor playground design can train children with sensory integration disorders, promote their visual, auditory, tactile and other functions to improve their children's motor coordination and language orientation. It can also improve your child's learning ability.

At present, there are many children's indoor soft playground in shopping malls or communities in many cities, and the grades are uneven. There are soft electric and traditional indoor playground equipment.

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, everyone's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. High-income groups are more willing to put their children in a higher-grade children's playground.

The rationality of functional partitioning At this moment, it is more important to divide the functional areas of kids indoor playground equipment.

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No.1 Educational Function Area

Children are particularly sensitive to bright, bright colors and weird cartoon products. As a standard equipment for children's paradise products, swings, slides, bobo balls, sand pools, etc. are also popular devices that will make children crazy.

More animal elements and candy-colored elements, large animal elements will attract some active boys, and the candy-colored design is more likely to attract some girls and younger boys. The more popular elements are candy, bear, tiger, dinosaur, boat, tree, ocean, sky, birds, etc., as well as popular cartoon characters, which are some of the styles that children love.

Building blocks, sand pools, etc. attract more quiet, younger children; electric equipment, sandbags can climb, shake, capture the balance of exercise, easy to attract older children. Combination of equipment will naturally be loved by parents and children.

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No.2 Entertainment Ribbon

Story and entertainment combined

The entertainment function area is the core of the indoor theme park, which brings the greatest joy to the customers. Through the indoor theme playground equipment with high-tech parent-child interaction, the story theme and happiness spread to infect every scene.

Groups can be divided according to age, taking into account the different needs of different age groups, especially pay attention to the placement and color of children's indoor playground equipment, the influence of color on children is very important, bright and pleasant colors will bring children happy emotions.

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No.3 service ribbon

The most memorable services for every customer, including children's reading, children's clothing, children's photography, etc., can enhance the return rate and customer satisfaction of the park.

No.4 performance ribbon

The performance function area integrates the whole children indoor playground set into a large stage concept. It can design a unique full-field lighting change program and theme music. The control room controls the lighting and music changes of the whole children indoor soft playground, and the whole theme park is changed at the performance moment. Become an oversized show and let the children play with excitement

The general paradise design will be equipped with an electric area, which can intuitively appreciate all the landscapes in the Luxurious Toddlers Indoor Playground Indoor. Action toys such as trampolines can stimulate children's greater interest in play, stimulate the ability to perceive and increase the child's exploration spirit, which is more liked by sensitive children.

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No.5 sale ribbon

The sales ribbon design a series of derivatives based on the theme story, toys, books, gifts, etc., customers can pick any gift they want, and extend the theme of the park to enhance the brand's communication.

No.6 Dining Function Area

The catering function area provides customers with their favorite desserts, drinks, ice cream and other foods when they are tired, increasing their stay time, while observing the movement of the equipment during the break, discovering the next game goal and improving the secondary consumption. Potential

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A qualified soft indoor playground children's playground should be combine many projects and amusement equipment. Therefore, for many investors who are preparing to open indoor kids gym. how to rationally plan the kids playground equipment in the early stage of Indoor foam playground design. It is very important.

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