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What Investigation Should We Do Before Opening Children Indoor Playhouse
Oct 05, 2018

1. Factors affecting the business of indoor playground equipment

There are many different factors to influence children indoor playhouse profit.

The profits and losses of business is not only the location of the children indoor playhouse,but also has a close relationship with the park's business model, service, image and many other places.

Therefore, before we invest, we must be well prepared, and we must consider it carefully and try to minimize the investment ris

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2. Customer's consumption level survey

Generally speaking, the evaluation of consumption level needs to be evaluated in many aspects. In the place where the rich gather, luxury goods are aimed at the high income of the target customers, the construction around the city, various commercial villas or communities with grades. All the places are rich people gather.

In addition, the survey of customer consumption levels of indoor soft playground also needs to see the proportion of children around the population, the more children, the greater the potential consumer groups of indoor playground equipment.

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