How to guarantee quality

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How to guarantee quality

Many customers will consider the quality when they choose the indoor playground equipment they are worried that the quality of the manufacturer is not good, which leads to accidents after opening, causing serious losses. The indoor amusement equipment produced by cowboy is guaranteed by quality, and the production is guaranteed through layer-by-layer supervision. The following is our production supervision system.

We have seven management systems to ensure that products are produced according to quality and meet customer requirements.

Supply system:

Our raw material procurement is in cooperation with the larger factories in China, and it can provide test reports and certificates in accordance with national production standards. In addition, we also import raw materials from other countries, such as LLDPE imported from South Korea. When the raw materials are purchased back, we will first produce a set, try it in our exhibition, test whether it is qualified, and then sell to customers. Our purchasing team has many years of experience and is very familiar with raw materials.

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Production management system:

Every day, our production manager organizes workers' meetings, stressing that there are problems in the production process, problems to be aware of and avoiding, reflecting customer feedback on products, and strictly controlling production to ensure product qualification.

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QC system:

We have professional QC personnel to strictly test the products, they will participate in the production process, and find that there are improper operations, records and reports. And they will take the customer's finished product for testing to ensure that the product is qualified before shipment and produced according to quality. Once the goods are found to be defective after shipment, resulting in customer losses, the QC team needs to bear the customer's losses, so they will require the worker to produce with the most stringent standards.

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Packaging system:

We use this tough bubble bag for packaging, light body, no place, elastic, shockproof, anti-wear, waterproof, moisture, pressure, non-toxic, tasteless and corrosion resistant. To ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation, it will not be contaminated with stolen goods; it can guarantee more loading and no waste of space, and the intermediary customers do not need to make any replacement, and can directly sell.

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Inventory system:

Our stock products are placed neatly on the shelf, and there are quality inspection personnel from time to time to ensure that the goods in the inventory will not be damaged or contaminated by accident.

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Pre-factory inspection system:

Before leaving the factory, the person in charge of the warehouse will check and fill the goods, and the quality inspectors will check the quality of the goods. Before the loading, the salesperson will inspect and label each item to ensure that the goods are not missing or damaged.

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After-Sales service system:

If there is an after-sales problem, the customer should give feedback to the salesperson at the first time, and use the picture or video to explain the reason. After the sales receives the complaint, they will reply to the customer within 4 hours, and report the problem to the superior, and then give the solution that both parties agree according to the actual situation.