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How to order

How to place an order?

1.Site information communication:

First of all, you have to decide whether there is a venue. If there is a venue, send us the venue information (CAD drawings or hand drawings or live photos), such as length, width, height, whether there is a pillar, whether it is a special venue, etc. It is the best to tell us some local conditions, such as the flow of people, the elements that local people like, whether there is a playground of the same type, etc., as far as possible to provide us with detailed information that our designers can design a competitive indoor playground for you .


After we have determined the site information, after determining the theme, we will start designing for you. The design usually takes about 1-3 days, depending on the size of the venue.

3.confirm design:

When the design drawing comes out, it will be sent to the customer for confirmation. It can make reasonable adjustments according to the customer's requirements and discuss about the final proposal. To confirm the final design until customer satisfy


After customer confirm the final proposal, according to the final proposal and make the quotation and contract.

5.Sign contract & pay deposit:

After signing the contract, the customer pays 30% deposit. we arranges production immediately after receiving the deposit.


During the production process, we will report the production progress to the customer regularly, send photos to the customer, and welcome customers to our company for inspection.

7.Pay the balance and transport:

After the production is completed, the customer arranges the shipping company to load the goods, or entrust us to find the shipping company to complete the transportation. We need to collect 70% of the balance before shipping.


After the goods arrive in the customer country, our company arranges the installer to install in your country.Ensure that the playground is installed and operational. This cooperation is completed