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Soft Indoor Playground Equipment Must Have Self-protection Device
Jul 21, 2018

soft indoor playground equipment not only pays attention to play, but also pays attention to puzzles. Therefore, in functional design, it should not be too complicated, and it should not be too simple. Instead, we should consider the specific design of equipment from the perspective of children's own thinking.

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It is convenient for them to think and help them to play. The most important thing is to comply with the country's design specifications for the function of the device in terms of puzzles.

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Otherwise it will not pass the acceptance. Only if it meets the specifications, can it be functionally guaranteed that children will not be harmed when they play.

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Due to the nature of children indoor playground equipment, it is necessary to ensure the entertainment and safety of kids indoor play area equipment during design. Children do not have the same insights as adults, so these childrens soft play equipment need to do some self-protection in the production process.

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If you can only go forward, or from top to bottom,not from bottom to top, these safe self-protection devices enable children to play even without adult companionship, and at the same time let them through these settings. Know that you can play smoothly only by playing according to the rules, thus avoiding accidents.

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