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The Quality Of Indoor Castle Naughty Material Is Safe And Reliable
Aug 23, 2018

1.Indoor castle naughty materials generally use PVC plastic, engineering plastics, steel frame, galvanized pipe, etc. The materials are excellent, non-toxic and will not damage the body.

children indoor playground equipment.JPG

2.The overall design of indoor playground equipment is mainly in bright colors. The outside of children's indoor soft playground is the most applied green and yellow, the interior is equipped with other colors such as: red, pink, yellow, blue and other light colors. Overall, it feels very natural and fresh. People like it very much.

kids indoor playground.jpg

Red, blue, white, green, yellow, pink, orange and other colors are bright colors. Children's first sense of color is very strong. Let children develop awareness of color from childhood, so as to increase their senses.

children indoor playground.jpg

3.Childrens soft play equipment can cultivate kid’s independent personality, exercise their body and brain puzzle. It has random, unmotivated, interactive and secure, Unrestricted by the venue, both regular and irregular venues can be installed, simple management, no power equipment, maintenance and after-sales are very convenient.

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