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To Catch The Best Business Hours Of Indoor Trampoline
Sep 07, 2018

First: student holidays

The student holiday has a great impact on the business of indoor trampoline. The business of indoor playground is mainly based on children, so the holiday of students is an important factor.

Normally the student’s vacation is the best time for child’s indoor soft playground equipment business, because only at this time, the child has plenty of time to come and play.

Once they go to school, they have to study at school and have no time to play, so the holiday is the most time for children to play kids indoor playground equipment.


Second: at weekend

These two days are also the best time for business, because the entertainment time of the children increases.


Third: every night from 7 to 10

If the place of indoor playground equipment is in a supermarket, parents usually go to the supermarket and generally take the child to play for a while

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