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What Problems Will You Encounter When Operating Indoor Play Centre Equipment?
Nov 02, 2018

First: Initial opening

When the Indoor Play Centre Equipment is opened. Be sure to do the related promotion work. It's called advertising. can send out flyers in densely populated areas. or do some related theme activities of the park. 

It can also be promoted online and offline to improve the visibility of your own indoor playground. Of course, you can also choose the time of the summer vacation and holidays to increase the popularity of the indoor soft playground park.

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Second: The bottleneck period

The kids indoor playground generally operates for a period of time after opening, and customers may gradually become less. At this time, promotional activities such as advertising, leaflets, promotional activities etc. have been done. 

But how many customers can you bring in a period of time, and how long can it last? 

Under normal circumstances, it will be restored to its original state after a period of time. In such awkward situation, how should indoor playground equipment be dealt with? 

One: Cooperate with relevant industries, conduct bundled marketing, conduct some interactive activities, and seize the best operating children indoor playground


Two: According to the data evaluation, the operation of the childrens soft play equipment , add new equipment, introduce new elements, such as the development of special parent-child activities to invite parents and children to the store to play.

Three: Regular staff training to enhance employees' attitudes towards etiquette in the playground, enhance employees' work attitude and improve service awareness.

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