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How To Maintain The Indoor Playground Mat?
Oct 13, 2018

Indoor playground is a popular place for children. Young children are usually less mobile, and it's easy to make something difficult to clean up. So what's going to happen to these different things?

1. pigments, oil stains etc, should be cleaned immediately to prevent the formation of odor. Timely cleaning will reduce damage, to avoid penetration of a larger area of dirt.

2. juice, beverages, should wash with ammonia solution first, and then wash with a neutral detergent, but ammonia has a certain damage to pure wool carpet fiber, use as little as possible. wash with soap or alcohol.

3. urine stains can be washed with warm water in the Indoor Soft Play Equipment, long time urine stains are first washed with detergent, then washed with ammonia.

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Normal cleaning of Indoor Soft Play Equipmen

1. Rinse with a water pipe, preferably at a water temperature below 40 °C. Use some neutral detergent to avoid using acid-alkaline detergent, as it will accelerate the aging of the mat.

2. Wash with detergent, clean it thoroughly. Put it in a well-ventilated place and let it dry for a few days

3. Use warm water to wash, a lot of the mats get a little smelly over time, and these odors are basically chemicals that have health effects.You can buy some refrigerator deodorizers, the inside of which is activated carbon, which has a very strong adsorption effect on these odors.

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Indoor Soft Playground safety precautions must be in place

         The need to pay attention to playground mat.

1. It is strictly forbidden to wear leather shoes, high heels or sneakers that are easy to lose color.

2. It is strictly forbidden to cut and squeeze by human beings. The surface of the mat should not be rubbed with hard objects to avoid damage or breakage.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use chemical agents such as acid and alkali on the floor, and keep away from fire source and high temperature to avoid deformation damage.

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