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The Use And Matching Of The Indoor Play Park Equipment Design
Jul 14, 2018

   The indoor play park equipment design is dominated by vivid tones, and the pillars are also packed with color. We all know that children's first sense of color is very strong. If the design of kids indoor playground is insufficient in color, then it cannot be said to be a successful product.

   For example, colorful children indoor playground equipment can enhance children's visual ability, allowing them to learn to distinguish between different shapes and colors, while stimulating their creativity.

   Looking at the whole, giving people a fresh and natural atmosphere. It is the external factor that can first attract parents and children to stop.

   Therefore, the use of color in the design of kids indoor play area equipment is very important. In the conventional sense, colors are generally divided into warm tones/intermediate/cold tones, and three tones with different sensations.

      kids indoor playground.jpg

Three shades

   1.Warm tone: The red ingredients are more, giving a healthy feeling of sunshine. Mostly used for relaxation in home improvement, hotels, western restaurants, cafes, etc.

   2.Middle color: soft light, giving a pleasant and comfortable feeling. Mainly used in shopping malls, specialty stores, school libraries, etc.

   3.Cool tone: Close to natural light, there is a bright and clean feeling, which can make people concentrate. Used in offices or hospitals and some studios.

   But cowboy playground think that this color can also be applied to the design of the childrens soft play equipment.


First, the use of different colors in a product

   The average designer is paying attention to the sense of body and the level is rich.

   Compared with domestic people, they prefer lighter colors, and Westerners prefer darker colors.

   The color shade of the main color system is matched with some embellishments. When one color area is larger than the other color area, the contrast of the picture can be enhanced, the key points are highlighted, and the picture looks more harmonious. Matching is reasonable.

Second, color is an important part of toy design

    Good color matching can attract children's attention

    Passing the children a happy mood

    In the sensory vision of children, the design of the soft play equipment prices is very important in color.

    At present, in the kids soft indoor playground equipment industry, the theme colors are relatively beautiful.

    These are all to attract the children’s eyes.

    At the same time, let children love these indoor playground equipments.

      childrens soft play equipment.jpg

    The ball is colorful, so the children like the wave ball pool and the slide. When they slide down from the slide, they directly rush into the pool, which gives the children a different sense of excitement.

    Children have just entered this colorful world, their thinking is blank, and they are full of freshness to everything around them.

    Simple, bright, and bright colors can quickly complement their perception and understanding of the outside world; as they grow older, they will slowly like to paint and decorate with bright and vivid colors. Color acts on the human senses and produces a sense of color. People's psychological activities can produce certain emotions.

    Like a child. As the age continues to increase, the psychological and physiological structures will change, and the influence of color will be different. Children prefer bright colors, but as the age changes, the preference for color gradually approaches black. In other words, as the age grows, the favorite colors will become more and more mature.

      children indoor playground.jpg

Third, when designing, it is necessary to compare the warm and cold colors.

    Good color matching can attract children's attention

    Passing the children a happy mood

    When designing, the cool color must have a warm color. It must be dark, and the brightness and darkness must be well grasped. Otherwise, the overall picture will look gray, or too cold and too warm.

    As the saying goes, "red with green, ugly cry" red and green together, is a taboo in a painting, but if properly matched, it will produce a different aesthetic.

    Therefore, in a whole design rendering, the cool and warm colors should be relatively unified. If the whole is a cool color, plus a little warm color, you will find a striking place in the design, let it Attractive. Of course, it is impossible to be warm or totally cold. There must also be excessive intermediate colors, not too jumping or too blunt.

      soft play equipment prices.jpg

Fourth, everything is designed with children as the center

    According to the psychological analysis of the children, it is necessary to avoid the use of weak light color ratio when designing children indoor playground set to prevent children from producing low and fuzzy visual effects.

    If the child strongly likes a certain color, indicating the child's personality characteristics and inner activity state, for this phenomenon, the parents should pay attention to correct the child in time to give correct guidance and help the child to grow healthily.

Most children like simple, bright colors such as red, yellow, and green.

    The preference for red children is strong, the attitude is optimistic, the energy is abundant, the mood is fluctuating and fluctuating, and the hope of others is concerned. The shortcoming is individual impulse and rich emotion.

      kids indoor play area equipment.jpg

    Most girls like pink, and there is a princess dream in their hearts. Girls who like pink have a thoughtful, gentle, delicate personality and strong dependence.

    Children who prefer yellow have a strong curiosity about the unknown. Their love of color is more related to different factors such as living environment, age and so on.

    Children of different ages will change their preference for color. Although color has a direct connection with personality, it is not absolute. It should be understood and treated objectively from multiple angles. Try to use simple colors in the color matching of Luxurious Toddlers Indoor Playground Indoor.

    Therefore, in the design of children indoor soft playground, in addition to meeting the psychological needs of children in color matching, we must also scientifically find the needs of children. Guangzhou Cowboy Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. has the correct development direction to help parents open the children. Brain intelligence and physical exercise allow children to develop their greatest nature and potential.

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